South Florida
Parenting Magazine crowned
Camp Ñ
GOLD award for
BEST Summer Day Camp in Miami-Dade County.  
"Camp Ñ is the name, Spanish is the game. . . The lastest trendy place to send your kids. . .
Kids of any ethnicity can now learn Español by attending Spanish
Channel 7 News

"The ultimate Spanish only experience.  A summer camp where kids are fully immersed in
the culture and language of Cervantes. . .  A camp with an
The Miami Herald

"Un campamento donde los niños podrán sumergirse en la lengua de Cervantes"  (A summer
camp where children are fully immersed in the language of Cervantes).
 el Nuevo Herald

"Un campamento diferente donde su hijo puede mantener su cultura hablando español."  (A
different kind of summer camp where your child can maintain their culture while speaking
                                                                                  TV Show: Despierta America

"Con juegos y canciones (los niños) aprenden a comunicarse (en español).  Camp Ñ logra lo que
se propone: una manera divertida de aprender el español."  (Through games and songs (children)
learn to communicate (in Spanish).   Camp Ñ achieves what it proposes to do: learn Spanish in
a fun
                                                     TV Show: Primer Impacto

"(Los niños) no se dan cuenta de que mientras se están divirtiendo están aprendiendo."   
(The children don't realize that while they are having fun they are also learning).
                                                                                                  camp Ñ grandmother

"I have seen such a tremendous change in my children.  Since coming to camp Ñ their
attitude towards Spanish is much better.  Now they are telling me "solamente en español"
at home.  We love it!
                                                                                              camp Ñ parent

"Me encanta ganar el dinero de camp Ñ. . . para comprar juguetes en la tiendita."  (I love
winning the camp Ñ money. . . so that I can buy toys at the store).   
        6 year old camp Ñ camper
camp Ñ
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